Thursday, April 11, 2013

Daily Fernandina Beach Real Estate Analysis

Real Estate In Fernandina Beach. A Market Snapshot From John Holbrook

Current Property Counts for: Fernandina Beach
Lots And Acreage72(- 0.10%)
Commercial1(+ 0.11%)
Residential111(+ 0.98%)
Rental3(+ 50.46%)
Condominium12(+ 0.43%)

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Average Prices for: Fernandina Beach
Lots And Acreage$196,231(- 0.51%)
Commercial$199,000(+ 0.23%)
Residential$396,768(+ 0.06%)
Condominium$122,808(+ 0.97%)

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1 comment:

Tiago said...

Very lovely properties, I have always loved beachs and I think this is a great time to investments. Years ago one of the top real estate agents in my town offered me a house whit the same characteristics and since I bought it I loved it.