Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Real Estate Market Changes In Fernandina Beach

Real Estate Market Overview For Fernandina Beach Is Brought To You By John Holbrook

Current Property Counts for: Fernandina Beach
Residential114(+ 1.61%)
Rental5(+ 0.87%)
Commercial1(+ 0.21%)
Lots And Acreage69(+ 0.57%)
Duplex1(- 0.79%)
Condominium9(- 0.95%)

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Average Prices for: Fernandina Beach
Commercial$199,000(+ 0.73%)
Lots And Acreage$192,362(+ 0.67%)
Residential$383,024(- 0.68%)
Condominium$124,287(- 0.99%)
Duplex$76,000(- 0.49%)

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