Thursday, February 7, 2013

Real Estate For Sale In Fernandina Beach An Overview Of Today's Market Changes.

Fernandina Beach Real Estate Listings And Price Changes For Today Are Presented By John Holbrook

Current Property Counts for: Fernandina Beach
Residential107(+ 0.08%)
Lots And Acreage73(+ 0.49%)
Condominium9(- 1.00%)
Commercial1(- 0.10%)
Rental5(- 0.20%)

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Average Prices for: Fernandina Beach
Lots And Acreage$184,936(- 0.72%)
Commercial$199,000(+ 0.62%)
Condominium$129,171(+ 0.38%)
Residential$357,456(+ 0.25%)

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