Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shadow Inventory Florida

One of the biggest challenges to the housing industry throughout the rest of the year will be the increase in discounted properties coming unto the market. There is a glut of foreclosures that have been delayed by the court systems in many states while paperwork was corrected. The banks are rectifying their paperwork and processes. Now, more and more states are clearing the way for the banks to resume repossessing these properties.

As these properties find their way to the market, the prices of non-distressed properties in the region will be adversely impacted for two reasons.

There are a finite number of homebuyers in any market. A portion of these buyers will purchase the distressed properties new to the market because they can get them at discounted prices.
As these distressed properties sell, they will become comparable sales used by appraisers to establish value on all homes (both distressed and non-distressed) sold in the future. Since these properties are sold at a discount, they will have a negative impact on other valuations.

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