Tuesday, August 25, 2009

John Holbrook

John's Jottings - Saw 7 properties on caravan this morning. Some of the highlights included homes in Blackrock Hammock, North Hampton, Amelia Walk, Meadowfield Bluff, Amelia National and Amelia Lakes. Market seems to be increasingly affected by short sales and preforeclosures as two of the homes represented that category.

Some-one recently told me that 42% of homes in Northeast Florida are upside down. I find this statistic surprising but realize that most anything that was purchased in the last 4 years would fall into that catergory.

I have shown several properties on the Amelia Island Plantation this past week and am always pleased by the high standards that the grounds crew and landscapers keep.

I am constantly searching all of Nassau County for the best values and bank owned properties so email me to get on the inside email list at holbrook66@msn.com

Thanks for reading and stay posted. John Holbrook - Realtor 904-415-0171

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